Benefits 2

A cancer story 

Mrs G was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and was told about Walking for Health by a nurse: ‘I started walking twice a week with my husband - we were made to feel so welcome straight away’.
The walks have had a positive impact on her life. Her husband says: ‘She seems more relaxed now, enthusiastic and confident. The walks bring people together in a safe environment, which is great for people who might not venture out on their own. Going out and breathing fresh air makes you feel alive’. Since being told that the cancer is in remission, she has kept on walking
Health expert 
Professor Rob Thomas, a consultant oncologist, believes in the power  of walking as a way to stay active during and beyond cancer. Rob says:  ‘I strongly recommend regular walking to all my patients. As a physical  activity it is safe and there is a lot of evidence that says it will benefit".

Social wellbeing benefits 

Group walks provide a sociable activity that connects communities and reduces social isolation. The walks provide a regular opportunity to ‘get out of the house’, see other people, and benefit from contact with the natural environment. A recent national evaluation found significant improved scores for measures of loneliness and social interaction.

Emotional wellbeing benefits 

Evaluation evidence highlights that participation can increase wellbeing and help people cope with some of the factors that negatively impact on emotional and mental health.